Arrivals of Foreign Tourists to India – An Overview

This is a presentation that discusses a few important issues related to inbound tourists to India. This is a part of a study related to forecasts of inbound tourists to India which I did during the beginning of the year 2010. To view the presentation, please click on the link below.

Arrival of foreign tourists to India


3 responses to “Arrivals of Foreign Tourists to India – An Overview

  1. Dear Dripto,
    I think a part of presentation if can be spread on spending nature and staying nights comparison will be a great idea!
    best regards,
    P.S. catching up? When?


  2. Brand India

    Sadly, despite being the world’s largest democracy, India’s tourism is falling way behind its Asian neighbours such as China, Thailand and Malaysia – even the tiny city-state of Singapore is outperforming India.

    It’s time for India to find a new big brand idea to drive its tourism into the 21st Century and close the tourism gap on its Asian neighbours.


  3. Our organization has recently formed a new alliance with African Impact to promote volunteer programs throughout the African continent here in the U.S..
    I believe India would be a wonderful destination for those who wish to give back as well. Perhaps we could work out a way to promote your volunteer projects as well. If this would be helpful to your endeavor to increase tourism in India, please contact me. Kind Regards, Rene’ Vercoe Miller, Exec Dir, Global Reach Institute, 01-509-951-7816


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