I am thankful to all the viewers of this blogspace

Just noticed that the total viewership of this blog space has gone beyond 15000!!! Being very irregular in posting new blogs in this space, I thank all the viewers sincerely. However, a small analysis of viewership of different blogs I posted here suggest that there is a substantial demand in articles or literature or statistics related to tourism, especially, sustainable tourism. This indicates that there is a growing need for research related to the field of tourism and sustainable tourism which is still neglected relative to other areas of research. I hope more and more researchers from different backgrounds, be it economics, management, sociology, geography, environment etc. will show interest in tourism related research in coming years. Since tourism is one such activity, which does not only boost economy of any country or the world, also has a significant footprint on carbon emission, environment and human well being, any endeavour towards this will certainly benefit the mankind which is currently going through a critical juncture in relation to its future survival.

I thank all of you who had gone through my blogs in last 2 years as well as those who may go through in coming days. I also request all of you to leave your comment how to better the effort made in the blog so that I can contribute more fruitfully towards development of sustainable tourism.

Best wishes.


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