Why this blog


Tourism can act as important tool for alleviation of poverty, as well as protecting environment and traditional cultures by attaching economic value to natural and cultural heritage, creating employment and generating foreign exchange earnings. Conventional tourism activities lead to the dangers of dependency with non-local ownership, enormous pressure on utility and infrastructure supply, surge in price of the commodities, degradation of local art and culture, rise in crime rate, prostitution, spread of diseases such as AIDS among the local communities, large scale environmental degradation and several others. These menaces affect the local community, environment and the society adversely and irreversibly. To counter these menaces sustainable tourism, which can be developed in a manner and at a scale it remains viable over an indefinite period and does not degrade or alter the environment both human and physical. It allows the activities and processes that lead towards a successful development and wellbeing of the community and the environment.

This blog is a small attempt to contribute towards the cause of well being of the population as well as conserving the environment through highlighting issues on sustainable tourism development, providing information about destinations, publishing photographs to help tourists to select destinations to visit. This blog is also to create an awareness amongst people as well as urge the community and scholars to join hand in saving the environmental and aesthetic wealth of the world, with special reference to India.

However, this blogspace is completely a philanthropic contribution on my part towards the cause of development of tourism and the community. I sincerely request all of you to contribute and comment on pieces that are published in this space.


Any and every content in this blog is completely blog author’s personal opinion. In no way any of the organisations I currently work for or had previously worked for can be held responsible for any content, opinion, remark or comment made in this blog.


7 responses to “Why this blog

  1. Kumud Sengupta (Ms)

    You have a great blog, and intellectually well reasoned thoughts.

    Congratulations. Enjoyed raeding your articles


  2. Dripto Mukhopadhyay

    Thanks so much Kumud. I am not being able to see your profile. Are you from tourism sector background? please let me know. And, if you do not mind, please let me know your contact mail id, so that we can exchange views.


  3. Looking forward to more comments and debates on India inbound tourism and sustainable tourism!


  4. Dear Mr. Mukhopadhyay,
    I find your blog very useful. I am a college lecturer. Though my back ground is Commerce, I am very much involved with tourism activities, especially in Idukki district, Kerala (where Thekkady & Munnar is situated).

    Currently I am the chief investigator of a government project for mapping tourism attraction in Idukki district. Right now designed a data collection tool for the same. Hope you will be able to share your valuable idas.

    Any possibility to subscribe to your blog and receive article, rather than just following it?

    Sajan N Thomas


  5. Dripto Mukhopadhyay

    Hi Thomas
    Thanks. I have added an option to follow. If you click it, you will be nitified whenever I update the blogspace.
    Its nice to know that you are working on Idukki tourism development. Let me know how I can help you in case you need any support.
    My best wishes to you.


  6. Hi Dripto,

    Good thoughts and a decent effort. Would surely like to extend myself for this cause.

    with my best wishes,
    Vikash Chandra


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