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I was fortunate to attend three prestigious universities of India – Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University; Jawaharlal Nehru University and Kolkata (Calcutta) University. Deeply indebted to my teachers and colleagues during education and also at the work places. Perhaps their interactions and mentoring led me to think of contributing to research in some way or other.

I am engaged with applied economic research since as a profession since 1995 Dec. Currently working as Director-Economic Research with Nielsen India. My role is to lead research and solution relating to economics and micro-marketing. Prior to Nielsen, till September 2015 I was working as Chief Economist and Head- Micro-economics with Indicus Analytics Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, one of the leading economic and applied research firm and think tank in India. Before Indicus, I worked for about 12 years with National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), New Delhi, the premier applied economic research  organisation of country. I have also worked with Planman Consulting as Principal of Market Research and with MMRSS as Research Director apart from a large number of Indian and international organizations in capacity of Senior Consultant and adviser.

My core research interests include:

  • Demand estimation and forecasting – Different industry and infrastructure sectors
  • Micro-marketing strategies for business
  • Economic impact analysis and policy oriented research
  • Strategic decision making for corporates
  • Evaluation and monitoring of different economic/social sector schemes and CSR related activities
  • Tourism economics and management
  • Trade and logistics sectors
  • Environment and climate change
  • Development sectors including health, education and poverty

Development through sustainable tourism activities is my passion area apart from being one of the core research interests. This blogspace is primarily an outcome of that.

I am looking forward to develop a community of similar minded scholars/persons who will be working together for the cause of promoting sustainable tourism development.


Any and every content of this blogspace is completely my personal opinion and personal research work. In no way any of the organizations I work for or worked for previously, can be held responsible on any content of this blogspace.


7 responses to “My Profile

  1. I explored the concept of social, cultural and economic development of rural local communites by developing the host destinations for tourism activites. The study was undertaken for my dissertation under ‘ Ecomuseums and Rural Tourism in India’. If applicable, would like to share my research work here.

    I get a positive feeling when going through your personal as well as proffessional pursuits. Would like to know if you have any ideas on how the community take up the cause of promoting sustainable tourism development?


  2. Dripto Mukhopadhyay

    Dear Mugdha

    The is a saying in hindi – “Neki aur puchh puchh” – your comment made me remind this!!!! You are most welcome to share your work here. You can mail me the writing pieces to my mail ID ( I will upload the same here with your name as the author. Also, kindly send me two lines about you so that I can attach it as description about the author.

    To answer your query on community;s reaction to promoting sustainable tourism – there are very few attempts to promote proper sustainable tourism development. There will definitely be a positive vibe from the community, if some promotional activity is seriously done. I have seen from ny experience in various projects that if something substantial is done for the cause of community development (not only on paper), the community always shows a positive approach towards it. One of the example if SWAJAL project, which is aimed towards providing the water and sanitation to the community and by the community.

    Take care..



  3. Dripto,
    I hope my campaign here in the UK will start to gain momentum. Partnering with tour operators keen to promote sustainable tourism and to educate my clients how their holiday decisions can affect the countries and communities they visit, economically, socially and environmentally.


  4. Dripto Mukhopadhyay

    Hi Karen

    I appreciate your effort wholeheartedly. I wish all tourism lovers do understand the importance of sustainable tourism to contribute to develop the same. I am sure if all of us want this to happen sincerely, definitely we can achieve it in near future.
    Will look forward to stay in touch. Let me know more about your initiatives to translate tourism activities into sustainable tourism activities.



  5. Tourism experiences are complex and certain typologies can be taken as conceptual framewrok for analysing the elements of preferences. Secondly if context of tourist experince is applied to sustainability then it may be further explored in basic dimensions.( Tangible and intangible )
    For a comprehensive index first one need to be dealt quantitatively and second one qualitatively.
    I think a good way to start would be to see basic sectors of Tourism
    in a broad frame to conceptualise the right indicators.


  6. the overall appeal of this blog including graphic design is professional and overall content is amazingly decent. I like your front theme pic of tea estate and its strategic location which signifies its experience. the language is comprehensive with rich font and texture.

    many middle-class Indians like us would like to travel and explore in luxury and adventure to exotic and virgin destinations. Incredible India is one the most recognised destinations in international tourism industry. our income (money) and free leisure time are the only major constrains……


    • Dripto Mukhopadhyay

      Hi Mahendra, Thanks for your encouraging words. The problem of Indian tourists you have nentioed is very pertinent. Perhaps I wilwrite a blog on this tonight on this particular aspect.



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